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News 1035

NEWS 1035


Diverging results of areal and volumetric bone mineral density in Down syndrome.

News 1034

NEWS 1034


The Association of SNP276G>T at Adiponectin Gene with Insulin Resistance and Circulating Adiponectin in Morbid Obese Patients After a Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery.

News 1033

NEWS 1033


Prevalence of Hyponatremia and Its Associated Morbimortality in Hospitalized Patients Receiving Parenteral Nutrition.

News 1032

NEWS 1032


Estudio de tolerancia y aceptación de una fórmula enteral con alta densidad energética en pacientes de una unidad de coronarias.

News 1031

NEWS 1031


Plasma FGF21 levels in obese patients undergoing energy-restricted diets or bariatric surgery: A marker of metabolic stress?

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